December 5, 2010

The Fab Four arrive

The Beatles are on iTunes!

During October and early November 2010, whilst working for Metropolis Studios I was part of the team that helped to bring the Beatles to iTunes.

For their release on iTunes, each of the sixteen digitally remastered albums required the creation of an iTunes LP digital album booklet.  Additionally we built a special “Box set” iTunes LP booklet itself containing both the thirteen studio albums (and Past Masters) and their LP booklets as well as additional exclusive content including a film of their 1964 concert in the USA.

The Beatles Box Set

I was part of the authoring team responsible for the creation of iTunes LP digital booklets and was responsible for coding and graphics.

The Beatles Abbey Road gallery

Where can I find this?

iTunes link (you’ll need iTunes installed):

What are iTunes LP Digital booklets?

In short they are a digital recreation/equivalent of the album artwork you might find in a CD or LP, although being digital they are far more interactive and engaging.  Click here to learn more about iTunes LPs.


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