November 30, 2013

Pixel Orcs #3

The Making of Helm’s Deep Pixel Art Part #3

Drawing the details

Let’s add some defenders to the wall. Let’s have a look at an Elf up close.

Okay, lets add some defenders.

This is looking a little bleak. This scene needs more Gimli.

Our heroes arrive

Lets put them in the scene and ramp it up even further.

Lights, Camera, more lights…

The composition is done, but it needs better lightning as it will really improve the dramatic impact of the scene. The area behind the wall isn’t very interesting, there’s no-one there nor is there any light sources, so let’s fade it out. It helps balance the colours in the picture and also makes the battle on the wall stand out.

Finally, let’s crop it down a bit to tighten up the focus of the image. And there you have the final scene.

And this is the completed picture. I’ve simply cropped it, and scaled it up. I’m a fan of the chunky look of Pixel Art so I don’t mind seeing the larger pixels.

If you made it this far, firstly, wow, and secondly, thank very much for reading!


All gallery images over time

Here’s the entire transformation over time. In total, the image took about 10 days time to make, spread out over a month or so.

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