Thomson Reuters – Guide for Investment Management

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Jason Fidler/Thomson Reuters
June 2014
My role

Thomson Reuters – Guide for Investment Management

In 2014, I was asked to build a business tool for Thomson Reuters. The aim of the application was to assist sales staff in recommending financial products for their clients. The application’s front end was heavily data driven and built using the D3.js library. My job was to build the system administrators back-end component supplying the data.

The application works by asking the user a question and provides a set of answers at each point, taking the user through a decision ‘tree’. At the ends of the tree, a set of relevant products are available.

The system also performs logging on the use of the application, both by sales staff and clients. This logging is shown in graphical form graphs and granular view in the back-end dashboard. This data can also be exported to spreadsheet programs.

I also built portions of the front end including the client logging component, and several user information end screens.

The system was built using a combination of D3.js, CSS, HTML and the PHP MVC framework, Yii. It was built over a period of about three months.